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The Mystery of Satanic Memory

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Beloved, I want you to read this book with rapt attention and I have no doubt that it will change your live, your family, ministry and calling in the name of Jesus. Most of the problems a person encounters in life are due to the issues surrounding their foundation. Many of the struggles we experience in life are consequences of evil foundation. Just like the strength of a building depends on the firmness or weakness of the foundation: so does the quality of one’s life whether smooth and struggle free or encumbered with hardship depends on their foundation. A correct or proper foundation will carry or support the structure of a building. So whether a building will stand firm or collapse depends on its foundation, therefore if the foundation is faulty, everything about the building will be faulty and lacking strength but if on the other hand the foundation of a man or woman is faulty, then the life of that man or woman will be faulty and diverted from the original plan of God. Any wonder in Psalm 11:3, God said if foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do. Our foundations have been tampered with by reason of idolatry practices initiated by our ancestors, through evil covenants that were entered into by them and our parents on our behalf either before, when or after we were born.

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