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The Prayer Of Hannah

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Living in a violent world calls for a more aggressive approach to prayer warfare. The prayer of Hannah epitomises the importance of the Holy Spirit as an intercessor and it is only when he takes over that answers to prayers are made manifest. Prayer is communication between man and God. One of the ways your request or your desire or expectation can be granted is through the place of prayers. The Bible in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, says we should pray without ceasing. That is, we must pray in and out of season without stopping. The Word of God stated in James 5:16 ‘That the effectual and the fervent prayer of the righteous availed much’. This means your prayer must have impact, an effect, and it must be performed with fervency. In other word, you need to pray with fervency and with effectiveness for your prayers to be answered. Leaving in a violent world calls for a violent way of praying and a much violent way of intersession in the place of prayer. God lend a support to this premise when He said in His Word in Matthew 11:12 that ‘From the days of John the Baptist up to the present moment, the kingdom of Heaven suffered violence and it is only the violent that  takes it by force’.

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