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Trials Bring Unspeakable Blessings

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 Blessings from God-A Covenant Promise.

(suggest scripture)The blessings from God are a covenant promise, but when a man is chosen by God for a greater blessing, then trial is a necessity. Every man in the Word of God that entered into a realm of rise and shine, expansion and explosion was tried. Beloved, God is a giver of blessings. God is conditioned to bless His own people. He has the liberty to bless whosoever He wishes to bless and He is a distributor of divine blessings. In Genesis 1:28, the word of God declared ’And God bless them and said, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over every fish in the sea, over every fowl in the air and over every living thing that moves upon the surface of the earth’. Beloved, I have come to a realisation, I have come to a deeper spiritual understanding, that one of the ways to attract a greater blessing from God is when you have been tried and found worthy.

Beloved, a man or a woman will attract a greater blessing after he or she has been tried by God. The essence of the trial in a greater percentage of cases is so that God will trim you, prune you like a clay in the hands of a potter and make you suitable and fit for the Master’s use and for His purpose.

Usually, before God usher a man into a position of greater blessing, God himself will make a pronouncement or speak through the Holy Spirit to the individual or speak through someone to make a pronouncement which may be a form of a prophetic declaration that will usher the individual into his level of signs and wonders. This year, God will announce your promotion, He will announce your breakthrough, He will announce your testimony in the name of Jesus.

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